Friday, August 29, 2008

Orange you glad I didn't say....

Hey! Been a while once again since we have briefed anyone about our life! Probably because we're really not that interesting! Tomorrow we are going to head out for our first camping trip together! ruffin' it out on the Caney Fork. A really cool river, where David will get a chance to try out his sweet fly fishing schtuff! He's super syked!! Now I don't know if I can say the same.. I try not to think of my self as a "girly girl" but I don't know if I'm all about.. TICKS!! BUGS!! SKUNKS!! It's a whole different ball game camping out here in the south! So many new things to worry about that you don't have to in the desert! But I will report on our adventure! Who knows~ It might not be all that bad.
Here are some pics of our life the last couple weeks.This is Koa! Our new boxer pup! We got her the day mom left and headed back to AZ after visiting for my B-day! I bet your wondering why she has a big orange CAST on her leg?!! Well a few days after I got her I was letting her and our older Dog Bailey play .. and Bailey Jumped on her leg and Broke it! Poor puppy! But she's so dang cute!!

David and I have been without headboard/footboard since we've been married!! And I can't stand it! So we decided we were going to do something about it. We wen't to habitat for humanity. We bought 2 five pannel doors ($40) and 1 can of oil paint($1). We love making new uses out of old things! It's more fun that going to a boring furniture store and picking out a cookie cutter piece of furniture!We're still not done. But will post pics when we are!!