Thursday, April 23, 2009

**Thrift with Me Weekly**

I love thrifting! I'm addicted! Not only do I love it because I found that I can make a profit doing so.. I love it because I am able to furnish my house, me and my husband for next to nothing! I think it's fabuloso! Thrifting is an acquired skill.. Not everyone can do it. So I would like to inspire all of you through my weekly posts to go out there and tackle the thrifting world, because I tell you what.. It will Change Your Life! :) This is what I stumbled upon this week:

Firstly: A beautiful Leaf Embossed Ceramic Soap Pump
Target Price: $19.99 Goodwill Price: $1.99

Next Jewel: Leather Weave Waist Belt
Miss Sixty Price:$29.99 Goodwill Price:$.99

Oo yay! I'm excited about this one!!:
Awesome Vintage Vinyl Mod Retro Cream Arm Chair
Ebay Price: $50.00 Yard Sale Price: $2.00 (ya! I know!)
& Crazy Cute grey & black Tiger Stripe Throw Pillow
Target Price: $17.99 Goodwill Price: $1.99

I don't have anything to compare prices with this one:
Adorable Framed Flower Print
Goodwill Price:$1.99

What a Steal! This one is going on EBAY!:
A Belkin Firewire 6 port Hub price:$63.62 Goodwill Price:$4.99

For my wearing :)
Cute Isaac Mizrahi Drew Print Ballet Flats
Target Price:$29.99 Goodwill Price:$3.99

Love this:
Cute Retro Throw Pillow
Goodwill Price $1.99

Can't have too many:
2 Vintage Anthropologie Style Coffee Mugs
Yard Sale Price:$.50

Got to credit "The Huz" for this one:
Set of Two Parasol Bird Lanterns (David Eyed these baby's!)
Target Price:$37.99 Goodwill Price:$5.99


So I hope now after seeing all of these steals of deals, you will be motivated to go out and not be intimidated by the not so wonderful smelling thrift stores. It just takes patience to look through and find that treasure!
Until next time!