Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Where art thou?

(David wuves our Christmas Tree)
(decorating the tree..)(David's glamor shot he took of himself while I was decorating..)

I guess Christmas is officially over now. But Dave and I had a great Christmas this year... very different. but great. We were well taken care of by all of our friends out here in the South. They were very kind by inviting us to join them in their family festivities so we wouldn't be lonely. Christmas Eve our friends the Weinheimers had us over for a Christmas Eve feast! It was delicious! I made Brandy's infamous "Mac n Cheese" and it was a major hit. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore, listened to the Christmas Story, watched the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Program.. and then headed over to the Frost's to hang out with them for a little bit and then headed home to go to sleep before Santa came. On Christmas Morning we opened gifts from Santa.. and then headed over to have a Christmas Brunch with the Weinheimers and the Dubravacs. They made us delicious omlets and muffins.. we devoured them and then we all were off to sing @ an old folks home that we found in Mt. Juliet... AND THAT was Christmas!! I felt the TRUE meaning of Christmas.. aside from the gifts... the food... all the stress and worries about getting gifts yadeyadayada... We each picked out a christmas song that we wanted to sing. The kids played songs they learned on the Piano. The two women and I each sang a song as I accompanied(poorly) on guitar. We all felt so full of joy as we were able to share a little bit of our Christmas with those who didn't have anyone to spend Christmas with. It was AWESOME!! After that David and I went home to play with our new pwesents.. relax.. it was great. We got in like a 3.5 hour nap! Then we went over to the Frost's again to bug them for a while! :) We watched a really good movie.. I think it was called "Chance", if you haven't seen it.. you should.. very good!! That was our Christmas.. It was a very good one.
-ChowChristmas Morning..
The pups with their new collars Grandpa made them.
Sporting our new hats and glasses!
I got him a red ryder..
He got me a little guitar! (isn't it a cute lil booger!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Video kill the radio star

What does that mean exactly??...who knows! Sounds cool, i'm going with it! haha
I haven't posted for a while and don't really ever post anything about the music stuff. But I was playing around with this imovie thing on my mac and figured out fow to make lil' music video thingies! So here's a song I wrote last week called "Occasional Perfection".