Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flower bed n Coupon Trip!

I need to update ya. It's been a while. My mom came to visit a little over a month ago and while she was here she wanted to buy me some flowers to brighten up my front yard and give it some character. We found tons of beautiful flowers and got a good start on the flower bed.. until the rain came and slowed our progress down.. So after my mom left David started where we left off and got to shoveling and moving dirt. Anyways... we planted the flowers and it looked very pretty, but something was missing. It needed a border. We didn't have a ton of money to spend on landscaping pavers/rocks  so our friend Seth told us there was a huge pile of rocks of the side of the road that were free. So we went and loaded up the back of the truck and that's how it was done! On to another subject. COUPONING! woot woot! In my spare time.. which has been a lot lately since everyone in the Biz seems to be out of town.. I clip coupons! I've found a ton of great couponing blogs that have made it quite easy to get great deals. 2 weeks ago Kroger was tripling coupons, so I planned out my trip and went. I returned with $120 worth of groceries for $17.88! It was quite amazing.. time consuming I must add but pretty dang cool! Now you  have to keep in mind that your not going to get all the groceries you need with couponing, but you can stock up on dry and canned foods for "Food Storage". So it's fun! I would recommend it ! And If you are interested in doing it.. we could do a coupon swap, you get the coupons you need and use ( diapers, formula, crackers,etc) I get the coupons I want and use! Good Stuff! That's it for now! Have a great day!!!!