Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Three Waffles Please!

Tonight was too beautiful to go straight home after work. So David and I decided to hit up the Waffle House for a joyous night out. It was quite swell! We split 3 waffles.. spent $1.oo on 6 songs in the Jukebox and had a grand ol time! It was actually kind of fun to sit there and watch the cooks bust out there dance moves as they are flipping bacon! And of course they were singing like rockstars because this is "Nashville" and all.And everywhere you turn there's someone trying to make it in the music business. So I bet karaoke out here can't be too bad. Actually probably pretty entertaining... listening to everybody sing in pitch and if you close your eyes it might feel like your at a Kenny Chesney concert os something!! Oh ya! Can't leave out one of our weekly routines! Renting movies from the Redbox! We got Harry Potter and the Goblet of something and Chuck and Larry. We will expound upon them later after we have watched them.

... I would like to point out how handsome my husband is looking these days!! ;) (oh and please notice the belt he's wearing... IT'S MINE!! haha)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Blogspot!!

So I spent hours trying to spruce up my old Blog.. to find out that it was totally screwed up... and you could only see jibberish print all over the page! I finally gave up and started fresh. Farewell to all of my old posts! SO what now? Pictures! I was always in to picture books over novels... SO here are some pics from when my girlfriend Alexa came to visit David and I.(they are silly.. but fun!)

Right after I picked Alexa up at the airport.. 1:30am .. we decided we wanted to get milkshakes at Steak and Shake..

The next day we went to the "White Trash Cafe" to enjoy some delicious Southern Cousine!

And you can't visit Nashville.. or Me without taking a trip to GOODWILL!!!

Then some shoe shopping! I love the look on the ladys face in the back!!! Priceless!! I fell in love with these shoes!Totally on my wishlist for my birthday!! ...David! :)

And here are some more random pics from our adventure!! Enjoy!

Chow for Now!!