Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shirty Shirt Shirts!

Here's my show and tell for the week :)
I picked up this fun hobby, creating crazy funky shirts.
It was my sister-in-law Brandy's wonderful idea, and when I had visited AZ about a month ago we made a few of these shirts, (soo fun! Tiff next time I'm in town we'll all have to do it!)

But since then.. I've Kicked 'em Up a Notch! :)

whatchya think?


Dave and I went to Arizona 2 weeks ago for Grandma McCray's Funeral. It was a unfortunate event to return home to. But the funeral was very nice. Grandma was a wonderful lady and Dave and I feel very blessed to have had her in our lives. Although we were there on such a sad occasion it was nice to be able to spend time with family. I especially enjoyed getting to know my sister-in-law Leesa and her husband Tyson better. We had alot of fun. (thanks for letting us stay with you guys!) We we're able to see both Jacob and Justin in action at there football games. The McCray boys are athletic boys! Jacob's team won 1st place in his league and we were there for the winning game! woot woot!! We had thanksgiving dinner early since we we're in town with about 100 or more of the McCray crew. What else?.. We returned to the valley to visit my family for a little while. My dad just bought a few 4 wheelers so we had a BLAST riding out in the desert with them! It was good to see both of our families, since we aren't going to make it out to see them for Christmas.