Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EaSiEsT ApPlE pIe EvEr!

Ok. So I was craving apple pie today! It was 32 degrees all day! And I've been under the weather.. I didn't even step out of the house.. Who doesn't crave apple pie on such a cold, stay in doors kinda day? I came up with a concoction in my desperation for this beloved treat! It's a perfect 1 serving pie! I used a small round 16ounce corningware dish.. I had a box of 2 premade pie crusts in the fridge.. the really flakey ones!! Well I used 1 roll. cut it in half. And made 2 balls. Rolled them out. Put one rolled pie crust inside the dish to create the base of the pie. placed just the bottom pie crust alone in the oven for 10 minutes to make it crispy yum! Well this was in the oven. Cut up one regular sized gala apple. Skin on and all. Added about 1 tbs of cinnamon 2 tbs of sugar.. Mixed all in with diced apples.. added to the pie crust from the oven. placed the pie crust topping on. Made the little slices on the top to vent.. Stuck it in the oven @ 375 for 45minutes....
It's divine!! Forget the Martha Stewart Recipe.. this baby rocks!!!!!


Ok maybe I'm a bit too excited... Maybe I obsess too much over worldly possessions.. Maybe I'm just down right crazy!! But! Hear me out! I was given Christmas money from the Parentals to buy whichsoever my heart desired. I thought long and hard about it.. took my time researching... scouring every handbag site imaginable to find just the right one. Well after a lot of searching far and wide I made a remarkable discovery. A hand bag that fit me to the T!!  The only problem was it was no longer available! I couldn't find anywhere to purchase it!! I even went as far as posting a yahoo question looking to see if anyone had one for sale. I get a bit obsessive once I find something I really want.. I will not stop until I get it!!! Well this bag I wanted was from Anthropologie. I knew that much. So I went to the Anthropologie website and found the Customer Service Email Address. It stated that they would answer any question you had and would get back to you within 24 hours. So I decided what the heck! It's worth a try! So I emailed describing this unobtainable bag I had been searching for.. thinking they will just tell me to search ebay like I already had. (Anthropologie only carries a certain # of handbags.. they make them kind of exclusive.. so you feel like you have a one of a kind) So anyways. I really didn't think I would get any helpful information. But to my pleasant surprise, they responded the next day notifying me that they had 2 of these bags left. And that I would need to contact the location they were at and order them from there.. Well I called the location.. turns out the bags were 65% off .. So I bought the last two the company had. I got a great deal on them! And I figured I would sell one on ebay to pay for the one I am going to keep! Super Cool huh! The highlight of my week!! Thanks for listening to me jabber about something so insignificant!! I just had to share!!! Have a great day!! And my lesson for the day! DONT GIVE UP!! GO GET EM' TIGER!!! :)