Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yay! I won!!

I entered into this drawing for a free shoe bag and won! I'm soo excited! If you love shoes.. like I do. Check out this blog for all the shoe do's and dont's. http://www.shoesmitten.com/blog
Chow 4 now!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Arizona Dreamer"

I ran into this awesome site today ! You can create any style combination possible! This is what I came up with. I love this kind of hippie, hobo chic/ native american inspired theme. I think this lil gadget is pretty neat. Now I am determined to put this outfit together for real!! The site is www.polyvore.com . Go have fun!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The big 26!

David's 26 today! Hip Hip Hooray! One year older but I'm not sure about the wiser too! hehe
But I am so blessed to have him in my life.
He is very patient, kind, loving.. I could go on.. but I'm not the mushy gooshy type. I love him and am very happy to be his wife!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labor Day FUn!

David and I didn't end up going camping on Labor day, but we did have a really fun weekend. We went to the beach at our lake and played water frisbee, layed out and got some sun and went fishing. Then we went to the Driv-In movies for a tripple feature! Saw a football movie, traveling Pants and Batman. It was so fun! We brought our F-150, filled it with a queen size blow up mattress and pillows blankees! We brought our bed with us! Everyone was so jealous! hehe.. (Funny story.. David didn't tie down the air mattress tight enough, and on the interstate going 70 it blew out from our truck bed and hit a car behind us.. I think they might have went # 2 in there pants! Seeing a huge flying object hit your dinky little car! But we managed to get it back in the truck in one piece.) Anyways.. We also had our first softball practice! It was a blast! Kicked our butts though! So my new thing is couponing.. getting stuff almost free. I took a picture of what I got on my Walgreens trip I think total I paid like $11.oo Out of pocket! And I got a ton of stuff!!
Chow for Now!!

(Having way too much fun with my new computer!!)

Random Thoughts Tag...

Tagged by Brandy

I am: televiserphonernetting
I think: I need to go shopping
I know: this is going to be boring
I want: To get a song on the radio
I have: the best family
I dislike: scary movies
I miss: my whole fam damily
I fear: the boogey monster
I feel: hot(drinking tea!)
I hear: koa whining in her crate
I smell: burnt popcorn
I crave: fruit tarts
I cry: every week
I usually: drive in to town everyday..
I search: blogs about couponing and sewing
I wonder: where my husband is
I regret: not spending enough time with my papa and grandma
I wish: I would make it already! Dang it!!
I love: my husband and my dogs!
I care: if someone looks at me the wrong way
I always: stay up to late reading blogs and shopping on ebay
I worry: that i'm going to get sucked into a tornado
I am not: a kid anymore
I remember: taking naps with my pet pig willy
I believe: the church is true
I sing: everyday and night...
I don't always: wash my hair.. gross huh!
I argue: with david all the time about the dogs being inside dogs
I write: songs, lil didies, heart wrenching ballads
I win:showdowns and stuff
I lose: scratcher tickets
I listen: the radio to hear whats crackin, but the music ain't got no soul
I don't understand: politics
I can usually be found: wearing funky hats
I need: money honey!! I wish we were rich!
I forget: Why I moved out here.. sometimes
I am happy: When I am eating sour patch kids, shopping, playing my guitar, laughing with my husband

I Tag Aunt Kim, Jenni, mom