Saturday, September 5, 2009

River runs and airsoft fun!

This morning David and I went out and played AIRSOFT with about 200 other people. It was a blast.. much like paintball.. but you shoot white plastic bb's instead of paint... and the bb's don't hurt quite as bad! We had a blast! It's soo much fun!! I have always loved lazertag and always want to go play.. but there isn't anywhere out here to go play so this is a MUCH FUNNER(pardon my bad english!) Game! I wish our family was here to play it with... it's just uber cool!! Then later in the afternoon we went fishing down the Caney Fork River.. waders and all! It was soo beautiful.. if you've seen the movie "The River Runs Through It" .. you'de know what I'm talking about! We didn't catch any fish.. unfortunatly .. but just being out and enjoying nature was wonderful and well worth it..I wish I had some pictures to post this time.. but I don't!Have a wonderful Holiday weekend..Until Next Time!

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kim•ber•ly said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful afternoon! Can't wait to see you the next time you come back to AZ